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  • Nosler Reloading Forum ... Post subject: Re: 7mm mag loads for H870 and AA8700. Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:02 am . Joined: Sun Dec 24, 2006 8:20 pm Posts: 29666
  • Reloading Forum. General Reloading. WC860 in .30-06. ... If the burn rate of W860 is close to AA8700, then that puts the burn rate way too slow for 30-06.
  • 222 Remington Load Data; 223 Remington Load Data; 5.56×45 NATO Load Data; 222 Remington Magnum Load Data; 22 PPC-USA Load Data; 225 Winchester Load Data; 22 BR Remington Load Data; 22-250 Remington Load Data; 22-250 Remington Ackley Improved Load Data; 220 Swift Load Data; 223 Win Super Short Magnum (WSSM) Load Data; 6mm PPC-USA Load Data; 6mm ...
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  • Looking for Reloading Data for the 338 Lapua Magnum and Berger Bullets? This data is now available to download for free from our website!
  • AA8700 is similar to Hodgdon H870 and milsurp WC870. When using WC870 or WC872, it’s recommended to use data for H870 or AA8700. I’ve been experimenting with WC870 in my 7 rem mag with 139’s(using H870 data) and it’s looking like it’s going to be a decent powder.
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  • Anyone have any load data for them for those calibers? Accurate Arms has loads at their web site for the AA8700 in 30-06 and 45-70 I know, not sure for the 308.
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  • The .460 Weatherby Magnum is a belted, bottlenecked rifle cartridge, developed by Roy Weatherby in 1957. The cartridge is based on the .378 Weatherby Magnum necked up to accept the 0.458inches bullet.
  • Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for AIWA aa-8700, H, E, K Schematic Service Manual schaltplan schematique at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products!
  • Provides superb accuarcy in most medium and heavy rifle loads and is the powder of choice for .30-06 and .338 calibers. Powder of choice for 270, .30-06 and .338
  • Someone gave me a jug of AA8700 last year, and I was wondering what to do with almost 24 pounds of powder. After reading this I think the 8 mm, 30-06 and 45-70 can digest BMG ammo, used for the Ball M33 and API M8 projectile. A ball powder which can be loaded using Hodgdon H870 or AA8700 data.
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  • With AA8700 and H870 there will remain a large quantity of un-burnt powder which can be annoying. Faster powders, if used, will occupy less volume; so a filler such as Dacron is used to hold the powder charge against the primer to provide shot to shot consistence and reliable ignition.
  • #WC860 will probably work, especially since Accurate shows compressed #loads of AA8700 as giving .45-70 pressures of under 20,000 psi. The #comparisons with the same powders in the .45-70 and the .270 Weatherby #could be dangerous, since the pressures are WAY different, and powders #can burn differently at vastly different pressure levels.
Can i use suave conditioner on my dogView and Download Aiwa 8700 service manual online. 8700 amplifier pdf manual download. Also for: Aa-8700e, Aa-8700h, Aa-8700k. Advertisement. Related Manuals for Aiwa 8700. Amplifier Aiwa ST-R22H Service Manual.Just about every likely powder from Bullseye to AA8700 has been tried, and very few have not been useful in some application, but the Accurate Arms loads mentioned have been clearly the most accurate and reliable (in my rifle). This action is far from sophisticated.
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  • Sep 20, 2015 · I bought a 43 Spanish Rolling Block some time ago and have been using BP in it with a 370gr bullet which is great. I have a few jugs of WC860 surplus I bought from Jeff Bartlett for duplexing a 35 Whelen and a member on a different site was good enough to send me some reloading data which included AA8700 which is what Jeff said to use for the WC860.
  • Mar 26, 2006 · I have just collected all the supplies to handload Steyr ammo. The load data I am using (in fact, the only I can locate) came with the Lee dies. For 200 grain bullets it says use acuur 8700 at 51.3 g to start and 51.3 grain as the top load. Does this sound correct? This is the first time I have tried Accurate powder. Thanks in advance.
  • Accurate 5744 is an extremely fast burning, double-base, extruded powder. This unique powder can be used in a wide range of rifle calibers and magnum handguns. 5744 is characterized by excellent ignition and consistency over a very wide performance range.

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1.1 The DS8700: A member of the DS family. 1.2 DS8700 features and functions overview. 1.2.1 Overall architecture and components. 1.2.9 IBM Certified Secure Data Overwrite. 1.3 Performance features. 1.3.1 Sophisticated caching algorithms.
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Oct 10, 2013 · We then went to where Randy’s ashes were going to be interred and Linda had me place his stack of leftover BATF 4473 forms that his daughter and son-in-law shot with his 50 BMG that I loaded with a teaspoon of his ashes over 220 grains of AA8700 behind a 647 grain API bullet.
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Does anyone know where you can go buy powder direct. I was trying to like buy it off the truck at cost but cant find any companys that sell direct. the local shops have a huge mark up and ordering online you half to pay hazard shipping.
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Here's the load I've worked up and it shoots sub MOA. Bullet---- Partition 140gr. Powder-- 82.0 Grains of WC867 (Military powder US867) same as H870 & AA8700
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Mar 14, 2011 · i use alot of 860 i use aa8700 info. i also shoot lots of rifle cast bullets with it and use a cci250 or a fed215 as well What cal. are you shooting it in? The most powder capacity I have is a .30-06, but I loaded some 7mm Mag. with T5070 for a friend with 160 gr. and CCI 250 and it did alright.
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  • Technical data for the IRB 8700 industrial robot. *Extra loads can be mounted on all variants. 50 kg on upper arm and 250 kg on frame of axis 1. **The load is up to 1000 kg while the wrist is down.
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  • Dec 17, 2008 · Looking at some of the pull down powder from Bartlett's Reloading is the reason i ask. 55grain FMJ plinking rounds on the cheap is my goal. Thanks .223Rem loads with H870 or AA8700?
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  • Actually I am considering buying some milsurp WC857 or WC872, and both reference the H870 and AA8700. So I am trying to decide if they are good applications for 7 Mags , both Rem and Wby. I would like to get 3100 fps out of 150 gr bullets and close to that , 3050 fps , with 160 gr bullets.
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  • Табло рейса AA8700 авиакомпании Американ Эйрлайнз. AA8700 Цюрих (ZRH) - Барахас (MAD). Американ Эйрлайнз. AA 8700. American Airlines.
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